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Turkish Airlines announces increased flights to Malaga at Andalusia roadshow in Qatar

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A CAMPAIGN to keep Malaga’s beaches clean launched by the city council early in June has been gathering momentum. Entitled ‘Málaga, ¡cómo te quiero!’(Malaga, oh how I love you!), the movement has already reached more than 18,000 people with its message to keep Malaga’s beaches clean and free from litter. In particular, the council is [...]

INTERNATIONAL tourism is on the rise in Malaga with an 8 per cent rise in the number of Europeans choosing the Costa del Sol as their favourite summer destination. So far this year 2.3 million Europeans have passed through the arrival gates of Malaga airport. There has been an even bigger increase in the number [...]

THE growth of the tourism industry in Malaga is leading the local economy and has generated more than €500 million in the last six months. Malaga council is hoping to reach the milestone of a million visitors this year. “Thanks to an increase in the number of tourists and the overnight stays in hotels the [...]

With the Feria in full swing, Maggie Armstrong visits Malaga and is swept away by the party atmosphere, the culture and the cuisine of this Spanish city. I’ve seen these women before – in Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, and in Pedro Almodovar films. They have the copper-blonde hair, the baked skin, the thick gold earrings [...]

Turkish Airlines, Europe’s Best Airline*, held a regional road show for travel agents in Qatar with The Andalusia Tourist Board and Malaga-Costa del Sol, announcing increasing flights to Malaga in response to Andalusia’s growing appeal as a holiday destination for tourists from Qatar and the wider Gulf. The event, held at the Crown Plaza Hotel [...]