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Property sales in Spain up 8.8% boosted by foreign buyers

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Foreign tourists spent 34.497 billion euros in the first seven months of this year, official figures indicated on Wednesday. The figure meant a 7 percent increase in comparison with the same period in 2013, according to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism that published the data. Average daily spending per tourist stood at 109 [...]

Spain has had enough of economic doom and gloom. The sun-kissed Iberian country has put its economic troubles behind it and is now leading Europe in the race to build a better and brighter future. Figures from EU statistics office Eurostat have shown that the Spanish construction sector has registered a massive year on year [...]

A CAMPAIGN to keep Malaga’s beaches clean launched by the city council early in June has been gathering momentum. Entitled ‘Málaga, ¡cómo te quiero!’(Malaga, oh how I love you!), the movement has already reached more than 18,000 people with its message to keep Malaga’s beaches clean and free from litter. In particular, the council is [...]

Spain’s property market is roaring back to life, with sales climbing 8.8% in June according to figures from Spain’s national statistics institute, the INE. It is the fourth consecutive month of rising sales numbers that the Iberian country has reported. Spain’s central bank also has positive news to report, announcing recently that the country’s economy [...]

Residential property sales in Spain increased by 8.8% in June compared to the same month a year ago, the latest data from the National Statistics Institute shows. The year on year increase in June is the fourth consecutive monthly rise following those experienced in March, April and May, when home sales rose by 22%, 5% [...]